About Us

phil-vermeulenPhilip M. Vermeulen Governmental Relations is a Legislative Advocacy firm specializing in California State Government, who can also provide assistance on the local level when needed.

2014 marks the forty first year since Phil Vermeulen began working in the Capitol. Philip M. Vermeulen Governmental Relations opened for business in 1994 and currently provides legislative and regulatory services for the clients listed below. In total, ithe firm represents over 35,000 contractors statewide; over 20,000 small and disabled veteran businesses who service the food and product needs for the California Department of General Services and other state and local agencies; and, two companies that work in the field of workers’ compensation. Phil also specializes in working with local governments on problems affecting his clients.

Phil’s presence in both Sacramento and throughout the state is so ubiquous, that if he doesn’t know someone who can resolve a problem for him on behalf of his client, he soon locates a colleague who does have the needed contact. Simply, this is the way govermental relations companies should work! While nothing can be guaranteed in terms of success within the field of advocacy, Vermeulen’s success rate working with the Legislature, myriad regulatory agencies and local government is second to none.